0,000264 $
▲ 0.00%
Tỷ giá Bitcoin BTC 비트 코인
47.637 $
▼ -0.54%
Tỷ giá Ethereum ETH 이더 리움
3.474 $
▼ -3.42%
Tỷ giá Cardano ADA 카르 다노
2,37 $
▼ -4.24%
Tỷ giá Binance Coin BNB BNB
417,78 $
▼ -2.15%
Tỷ giá Tether USDT 밧줄
1,00 $
▲ 0.17%
1,08 $
▼ -2.97%
Tỷ giá Solana SOL 솔라 나
136,87 $
▼ -13.64%
Tỷ giá Polkadot DOT 폴카 닷
35,32 $
▼ -1.23%
Tỷ giá Dogecoin DOGE 도지 코인
0,243524 $
▼ -0.03%
Tỷ giá USD Coin USDC USD 코인
1,00 $
▲ 0.16%
Tỷ giá Terra LUNA
34,78 $
▼ -5.4%
Tỷ giá Avalanche AVAX 눈사태
61,38 $
▲ 1.30%
Tỷ giá Uniswap UNI Uniswap
24,96 $
▼ -6.99%
Tỷ giá Chainlink LINK 체인 링크
28,60 $
▼ -8.02%
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What is Raid Token (RAID)? All infomation about Raid Token

What is RaidGuild?

Raid Guild is a decentralized collective of mercenaries ready to slay your Web3 product demons.

Raid Guild was started by the three early contributing members to MetaCartel. As they took on open source projects, they would recruit other open-source software contributors into the Guild so they could continue relationships and team up to go on ‘Raids’ of other projects.

Around ETH Denver 2020 they solidified the DAO with a Manifesto, Road Map, Handbook - and then opened the doors to all web3 product developers in the space.

Since then, Raid Guild has grown to 108 Guild Members well-equipped to build products for the Web3 ecosystem; from smart contracts, dApps, design, project management and community building. Thus far, Raid Guild has completed Raids from Aragon, xDai, Tellor and Moloch DAO, amongst many others in progress. For more information on Raid Guild’s Raids, please check out: https://portfolio.raidguild.org/

Beyond serving Web3 clients, Raid Guild has built key utilities to support the Web3 ecosystem, such as wrapeth.com (a xDAI and ETH Wrapper) and SmartInvoice.xyz (a smart escrow product to facilitate invoices and payments).

Do you have a Web3 product or community that needs building? $RAID token is how to unlock the next level.

$RAID: The Access Token of RaidGuild

RaidGuild has scaled up rapidly over the past 18 months, but we still fail to keep up with demand for our web3 demon-slaying services. Our inbound funnel for client requests is overflowing with bull market ideas and YOLO projects that include the next big idea in DeFi, DAOs & NTFs.

We get it, people are excited, they want to move fast, break shit and capital is clearly flowing. We’re excited too.

Bid with $RAID to raise proposals to the top of our client funnel. Knowing that you care enough to hold our tokens means a lot to us thus we want to give special attention to the people who believe in us enough to buy, steal, or otherwise accumulate $RAID tokens.

The RaidGuild devs have been building all kinds of infrastructure across the ecosystem, from Smart Invoice to OmniBridge, on xDai, Polygon, and beyond.

Now you can deposit $RAID into any proposal in the open bid system, pool funds together on a single proposal, and watch the projects you love rise to the top of the funnel.

Raid Token RAID icon symbol

Raid Token (RAID) is a token issued on blockchain of Ethereum

웹 사이트: https://www.raidguild.org

기술 문서:

트위터: https://twitter.com/RaidGuild

잡담: https://discord.gg/xkKsDMbBhy

소스 코드: https://github.com/raid-guild

메세지 보드: https://medium.com/raid-guild

공지: https://medium.com/raid-guild/why-token-why-now-4c0b8e8ea45

Raid Token 탐침:

Raid TokenRaid Token market

1 RAID = 0,05610254903622 USD (-39.50%)
1 RAID: ≈ 66
시가 총액:N/A
음량 (24h):0 USD
순환 공급:사용 불가
총 공급:201.210.864 RAID
시가 총액 순위:6629 / 6701

더 읽어보기: Raid Token Price Index

Convert Raid Token (RAID) to 원

Convert 원 to Raid Token (RAID)

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Raid Token Exchanges List

#거래 플랫폼한 쌍


RAID/0X6A023CCD1FF6F2045C3309768EAD9E68F978F6E1 RAID/0XB5D592F85AB2D955C25720EBE6FF8D4D1E1BE300 RAID/0X3A97704A1B25F08AA230AE53B352E2E72EF52843


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