0,000264 $
▲ 0.00%
Tỷ giá Bitcoin BTC 비트 코인
47.825 $
▼ -0.35%
Tỷ giá Ethereum ETH 이더 리움
3.521 $
▼ -2.56%
Tỷ giá Cardano ADA 카르 다노
2,39 $
▼ -3.67%
Tỷ giá Binance Coin BNB BNB
417,78 $
▼ -2.15%
Tỷ giá Tether USDT 밧줄
1,00 $
▲ 0.09%
1,08 $
▼ -2.97%
Tỷ giá Solana SOL 솔라 나
138,38 $
▼ -13.35%
Tỷ giá Polkadot DOT 폴카 닷
35,32 $
▼ -1.23%
Tỷ giá Dogecoin DOGE 도지 코인
0,247459 $
▲ 1.39%
Tỷ giá USD Coin USDC USD 코인
1,00 $
▲ 0.2%
Tỷ giá Terra LUNA
35,33 $
▼ -4.02%
Tỷ giá Chainlink LINK 체인 링크
29,35 $
▼ -6.3%
Tỷ giá Avalanche AVAX 눈사태
61,38 $
▲ 1.30%
Tỷ giá Uniswap UNI Uniswap
25,39 $
▼ -5.69%
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What is Project DogeX (DOGEX)? All infomation about Project DogeX

DogeX is possibly the first project that has invented a ‘first of its kind’ trading mechanism that ensures our chart is always a higher low. With extra features such as a Fuel Stop, and Golden Hour.

DogeX innovates with a new kind of Buyback function. It sweeps the floor: Whenever the floor is hit, the DogeX Buyback wallet, performs various buy transactions automatically based on the floor
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

The DogeX is the first of its kind that helps support our floor making it more powerful than just a regular buyback token.

Project DogeX DOGEX icon symbol

Project DogeX (DOGEX) is a token issued on blockchain of Binance Smart Chain

웹 사이트: https://projectdogex.com/

트위터: https://twitter.com/pdogex

잡담: https://t.me/projectdogex

소스 코드: https://github.com/rockstardotb/DogeX

Project DogeX 탐침:

Project DogeXProject DogeX market

1 DOGEX = 2,075156E-8 USD (-2.23%)
1 DOGEX: ≈ 0
시가 총액:N/A
음량 (24h):0 USD
순환 공급:사용 불가
총 공급: DOGEX
시가 총액 순위:6652 / 6701

더 읽어보기: Project DogeX Price Index

Convert Project DogeX (DOGEX) to 원

Convert 원 to Project DogeX (DOGEX)

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